Wednesday, April 30, 2014

You Don't Need Your App to Use iBeacons, Just use Apple's Passbook

There is a LOT of confusion in the market about what's needed to take advantage of the benefits that  iBeacons bring; and the reality is you DO NOT need your own app to use iBeacons for proximity location services.  Apple already thought of the solution, Passbook, which is already preloaded on iPhones and your users don't need to download any app.  In addition, Passbook is already iBeacon-enabled. And, your users can add Passes into Passbook from an email or mobile web page that you already have. Again, no need to build a dedicated app. Amazing, right?

Paul Tomes, Co-Founder and CEO of PassKit, agrees. PassKit is solving real customer problems like, ‘forgotten membership number’, ‘too many cards to carry around in my leather wallet’, ‘forgotten about a coupon they had and expired’, ‘email inbox overload’, ’sms dull and boring’, 'don’t know my latest balance on my stored value card until I use it”, “thrown away 5 stamp cards before getting my free coffee’ etc.

Paul recommends, "Solve the problem in the most efficient manner by using capabilities (apps) built into the mobile operating system…. which was Passbook from September 2012 (and Samsung wallet not long after). There’s no longer the need to build your own wallet app."

Using PassKit there is a single API (and multi language SDKs) to integrate Passbook (and other mobile wallet), iBeacons directly into the Passbook without reinventing the wheel. 

Here's a video explaining PassKit