Essensium Warehouse Tracking RTLS tracking of assets in warehouse with WMS integration. Workplace safety, Lean Logistics, SixSigma, picktime optimisations Live View GPS GPS tracking used at the Superbowl and Winter Olympics. The GPS trackers run on a web based system.
SmartLocator IR
SmartLocator uses IR signals to locate mobile terminals with a high degree of location accuracy. Mobiles transmit the location ID to the location server via a wireless LAN network.
AeroScout Mobile Viewer Customers use MobileView to TRACK, ALERT, MANAGE and INTEGRATE with their enterprise platforms. Location tracking using Wi-Fi RFID, Passive RFID, UWB, GPS
Ubisense Tracking Bus Inside Ubisense precise real-time location tracking solution is used with a transit yard management solution to automatically locate buses in Transit Yards SkyTrax Indoor Forklift Positioning Solution RFID Pallet Tracking system embedded into the backrest tracking the exact position of a vehicle and pallet indoors