Indoor Maps & Nav

FastMall iPhone App FastMall gives directions without GPS and once any interactive map is downloaded first time, no Internet signal is needed. Micello Mall Maps Micello Maps overlay on top of Google Maps as a map layer to show indoor interactive maps of malls. "Google Maps inside a building."
Meijer Find It iPhone App Meijer app pinpoints items on an in-store interactive map. You can also search items on sale and mark where you parked your car. Indoor Navigation and eMuseum
A real-time location position is displayed for the mobile user showing where he is located inside the museum.
CRS4 - Indoor Navigation System
CRS4 uses motion sensors in the smartphone to compute its correct position. Accelerometers, magnetometers, camera, 2D barcodes. No GPS, no WiFi infrastructure, no radio beacons.
Nokia Indoor Navigation
Nokia's Indoor Navigator shows how to find and navigate to other areas indoors using Nokia High Accuracy Indoor Positioning technology, the most accurate of its kind in the world.
junaio's indoor navigation mobile guide
An interactive AR mobile guide for electronic self-service and retail solutions. Point, click and view information on individual exhibits or find directions to interesting events and locations.
GloPos enables any cell phone with location indoors, even underground. This technology makes any mobile device location-aware, without the need for GPS and WLAN.
aisle411 is an indoor map for shoppers to locate items inside a store down to the within an aisle location.
Follow Me
GPS-like indoor location technology in Follow Me. Follow Me is a mobile application for iPhone, iPod Touch, and BlackBerry devices.
NearbyNow iPhone Web App
NearbyNow allows shoppers to graphically navigate a shopping center, search mall store inventory, list available sales, and find the closest restroom.
CSIRO Indoor position location system
The positioning system's potential applications include tracking emergency personnel, underground miners and sports participants.