Saturday, May 3, 2014

Walmart and Walgreens start iBeacon Pilots

With over 5M active monthly users in the Walgreens app (55% of which use it while in store) and already having deployed "Store Mode" with Floor Maps and Product Locator, Walgreens is ready to take the next step with its mobile strategy for customer engagement. Walgreens is piloting iBeacons in 10 stores to streamline coupons and personalization.  The iBeacons are placed in strategic places throughout the store including entrance, pharmacy, and checkout.  The app already uses geo-fencing to trigger Passbook and Store Mode when user is near the store, which makes it easy for users to access the app and start using it right away. Walmart is also testing iBeacons, however, only in its innovation lab setting, not in the real world.. Nevertheless, Walmart said they are "pretty excited about iBeacons, knowing where a customer is often helps us serve them better." Acknowledging that "90% of retail still happens in store and it has to do with proximity," Walmart looks to iBeacons for re-inventing its stores. More here