Thursday, March 6, 2014

Google Project Tango & Paracosm Indoor 3D Mapping

Check out this demo by Paracosm of the Google ATAP Labs Project Tango phones. Paracosm and Google Labs have been working side by side to create the technology to make collaborative scanning possible. The Tango sensor uses IR structured light as a component of it's depth sensor. Paracosm doesn't manufacture its own 3D sensors, instead they have built the capability to build 3D models of large spaces using a variety of depth sensing devices. Paracosm is hardware agnostic, able to scan interior spaces using Project Tango, Primesense's and Asus's, and other experimental devices.

Paracosm replaces expensive and complex 3D surveying technology (e.g., Trimble Indoor Mapping Solution, see more here). Read more in our Indoor 3D Mapping report here.