Saturday, February 22, 2014

Google Tango 3D vs Apple 3D PrimeSense for Indoor Mapping

Mobile devices have become viable capture platforms for 3D mapping far faster than most people following the tech expected it to happen. Well, at least for Google, which is the only company that managed to equip a smartphone with advanced 3D sensors for mapping the surroundings. As far as we know, Apple's PrimeSense technology requires an attachment hardware, however, we can speculate that Apple acquired PrimeSense with the goal of integrating the technology inside iPhones and iPads, or even iWearables. Other companies such as Trimble have been doing indoor 3D mapping for some time now but require specialized hardware. See the details in addition to other 20 solutions from startups in our latest report.

Google Indoor 3D Mapping
Apple PrimeSense Indoor 3D Scanning

CSIRO Zebedee Indoor 3D Maps
Trimble Indoor 3D Mapping