Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Google Maps to Reach 10,000 Indoor Maps Venues Worldwide

Google Maps will reach 10,000 indoor maps for venues around the world, including airports, malls, museums, and casinos. It even inlcudes retail stores like Ikea, Home Depot, Macy's and others at "various locations." Google is now directly competing with everyone from Nokia/Navteq, to Point Inside and aisle411.  The question remains how many Retail stores Google will be able to capture, since we believe Google will have a hard time in Retail unless it changes its approach.

In addition to indoor maps, Google is also enabling indoor location and in-building way finding inside these venues. For example, inside a museum, you can plan your route from exhibit to exhibit, identifying points of interest along the way, including between floors.

To access the indoor maps, open Google Maps on an Android phone or tablet and zoom in on the venue of interest. For example, to find the museum, either search for it by name using the magnifying glass icon or, if you’re already there, use the MyLocation feature for orientation. With the “My location” feature enabled you can get indoor walking directions.