Monday, July 16, 2012

Samsung to Acquire CSR for its Indoor GPS technology

For some time now, CSR (SiRF division) has been working on the next breakthrough, indoor GPS location technology. GPS alone is not adequate indoors. There have been a number of attempts to achieve this with varying success. CSR has developed a hybrid solution for Indoor Location that will be capable of working on any device with its chipset.

Essentially this comprises hardware and software. The hardware is the SiRFStarV chipset, and the software is SiRFusion. The SiRFStarV architecture has been designed to 'sniff' a number of different radio signals from WiFi to Bluetooth, Cell to GPS, incorporating all the different flavours of GPS: NAVSTAR, GLONASS, Galileo, etc. Not only does it detect radio signals but it also has integrated movement sensors. These take over when the traditional radio signals are weak or non-existent. One of the sensors is a pressure sensor, which is so accurate it is able to determine the floor that you are on in a multi story shopping mall. SiRFusion is a software component that allows the various radio signals and sensors to amalgamated, prioritised and fed into a backend server that is able to consolidate all the data and provide a very accurate location either indoors or outside. This software is able to provide realistic locations and discard any invalid data. The self-learning location platform “fuses” location information from multiple technologies to make extremely reliable and accurate indoor location and navigation a reality. The whole package has been designed with mobile in mind paying particular attention to the limitations of power and size.

On the patent front, CSR will transfer 21 U.S. patents to Samsung.