Monday, July 9, 2012

IndoorLBS Market Report - 130 Companies Investing in Indoor Location Services

There are at least 130 companies today working on indoor location, venue maps, indoor tracking, and indoor navigation. These are covered in this IndoorLBS report. The growth of this market has been impressive over the last 10 years and indoor location become “main stream” when Google entered this market with venue maps and indoor location.

However, Google might not win the indoor LBS market, unless it changes its approach. Venues such as malls and retail stores want to control content, monetization, and branding. These venues spent hundreds of millions building chains, and they’re not keen on losing control of the monetization of the space to anyone, especially Google. Currently, Google wants venues to provide its indoor maps to Google in exchange for their venue to be simply included on the Google map; and that's all! Google will not share revenue from in-store advertising nor share any business intelligence analytics with the venue owners. That's a non-starter for venues that know how valuable the analytics data is. What's even worse is that Google has the power to present, for instance, Lowe's ad/coupon to users who are using Google's indoor map at a Home Depot location.  Home Depot does not want to loose a customer because of Google, especially considering that it was Home Depot providing the store map to Google in the first place!

That’s where the non-Google companies come in, covered in this report. As much as Google wants to own the indoor map and the associated user base, Google is dependent on the indoor venues to provide the rights to its its building maps or allow Google to map it out themselves. Since venues are keen on keeping the monetization aspect for themselves, this opens up a huge window of opportunity for all the companies mentioned in this report.

Learn about the business opportunities, revenue models, and outlook for the indoor location services from case studies and examples. More (including the sample) here.

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