Friday, October 11, 2013

Move over Google Maps, Korea does Indoor 3D Mapping with Trimble

Korea is using Trimble's indoor mapping solution to map out its subway system for indoor wayfinding within 1m accuracy. Mobile app developers will be able ot ingrate the data and APIs starting next year.

The Trimble Indoor Mapping Solution (TIMMS) is a fusion of technologies for capturing spatial data of indoor location technologies. It provides both LiDAR and spherical video of a facility, enabling the creation of accurate, real-life representations (maps, models) of interior spaces and all of its contents; every object in the interior space, including stairs, and doors appear in the plan. The maps created are geo-referenced, meaning that the real world positions of each area of the building and its contents are known.

TIMMS creates an excellent 2D floor plan which contains a level of detail previously unavailable. The 2D floor plans are accurate; precise measurements can be made, distances, angles, areas, and volumes can be exactly computed. TIMMS 2D floor plans are a snapshot of interior space at a given time. It has been specially designed to be maneuverable, enabling all interior spaces to be captured, allowing floor plans to be as complete as possible. TIMMS is more than a 2D system. All data is acquired for 3D representation and modeling. Data can be rendered in a 3D viewer and the user can be immersed in the interior space.