Saturday, October 12, 2013

In-Store Showrooming has Increased 156% Since 2012

44% Of Consumers Showroom Frequently

Vibes second annual Mobile Consumer Report suggests that showrooming has increased 156% since 2012, suggesting that it is now a mainstream shopping activity. An astonishing 44% of consumers showroom frequently and 36% use their mobile devices to shop more in-store than they did two years ago. This is all consumers, those with smartphones and dumbphones. For smartphone consumers, the numbers are even greater. From other research, over 80% of smartphone users use their mobiles in-store. In-store scanning a QR Code or texting, for product information or an offer, has increased to 31% (2013) from 27% (2012). 40% (186% increase from 2012) made a purchase they had not planned on making beforehand because of the information received.

Solution? You can always offer price-matching (!), but why not start first with presenting relevant offers for similar products to the consumer based on what they scan for price check? For example, the eBay Redlaser app already incorporates indoor mapping and product search within a store map, so why not display relevant offers on the in-store map (especially those that are right next to the shopper in the same aisle where the shopper is scanning the product!)  based on what is being priced checked?  Also, try iBeacons for micro location proximity services within your "in-store mode" to engage shoppers with products that you want to sell when they pass by those products in your store. Macy's and other retailers are already testing these solutions. More info can be found in our report here.