Saturday, October 19, 2013

Apple Made the FuelBand for Nike. And Here Comes iBeacon and Wearable Technology.

IndoorLBS has just learned from a source that Apple made the FuelBand for Nike. It's no surprise Apple and Nike have a very close and special relationship, hinting at bigger things to come.

Apple and Nike see it as an opportunity to build awareness for a product like the FuelBand. When asked about the M7 processor found in the iPhone 5S, Nike said that they will support the sensor (the Nike+ Move app allows your iPhone 5S to earn NikeFuel points), but said there would be instances where you wouldn't want to carry a smartphone, such as when you're playing basketball or playing tennis.

Some obvious observations about the Apple + Nike powerhouse:
* FuelBand only works with iOS devices.
* Apple hired resources away from Nike to come work at Apple (on the iWatch / iWristBand)
* Apple CEO Tim Cook's presence on the Nike board
* Tim Cook has been seen wearing the FuelBand
* Nike stores are using iPads for mobile payments and checkouts.
* Nike and Apple are both American corporations
* Nike FuelBand looks "Apple-like"! :)

Apple can benefit greatly from someone like Nike and together engage in the design, development and worldwide marketing and selling of wearable tech.

Note to GigaOM, Techcrunch, etc: Please don't steal our story and turn it into yours :)