Thursday, July 18, 2013

Indoor Tracking Companies & Future of Privacy Forum To Develop Privacy Standards for Mobile Users

The Future of Privacy Forum announced that it will work with indoor tracking companies and regulators to develop guidelines related to user's privacy by Nov.  Companies participating include Euclid, WirelessWERX, ShopperTrak, and others.

Indoor Location Analytics companies claim they only collect anonymous data about users, however, these guidelines will spell out requirements about how to de-identify data so that it can't be linked back to individuals. Also, the guidelines will address the best ways to notify consumers about the tracking, and allow them to control whether or not their location is recorded. This might apply to systems that use WiFi or Bluetooth for tracking users (users can turn of WiFi or BT on their phones), however, tracking systems that use video cameras are a different story.  In addition, these opt-in's or opt-out's to (indoor) location tracking should really be part of the OS, similar to what's already present on iPhones and Androids when it comes to GPS/WiFi/Cellular location.