Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mobile World Congress 2012 - Indoor Location

Going to Barcelona? Don't miss out indoor location solution demos and announcements. The industry is further aligning to compete with Google. Players in the chip, indoor maps, and indoor infrastructure providers are partnering to offer alternative solutions to Google's indoor location and indoor maps.

Cisco's Next Generation Service Provider WiFi demo will illustrate how SP WiFi can be used to deliver new indoor location services.

CSR will feature its new urban canyon and indoor location technology. These will enable accurate automotive navigation throughout the city and pedestrian navigation in deep indoor environments, such as in office buildings and airports. This new technology will also help retailers to present shoppers highly targeted and customised promotions/offers straight to the handset.

This yet to be announced leap for location-based services may prove to be the ideal solution for the wondering traveler, and the latest mobile ad trend development following CardStar’s Groupon integration into its mobile royalty cards service.

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