Monday, January 9, 2012

TI's Bluetooth Indoor Navigation and Real Time Locating System demo at CES

TI and 9Solutions will demonstrate a Bluetooth-based indoor navigation and tracking system using Apple iPhone 4S and 9Solutions' Lone Worker Protection ID-Badge Tag and uTag product line. The 9Solutions IPCS Bluetooth low energy product line utilizes TI's CC2540 Bluetooth low energy system-on-chip. When Bluetooth 4.0 was released, 9Solutions started developing its Bluetooth low energy-based solution right away, enabling tracking of virtually all Bluetooth devices, like IPCS Tags and Bluetooth enabled mobile phones. Bluetooth low energy technology is ideal for real time locating systems and the 9Solutions IPCS product line offers an optimal solution for wireless indoor asset tracking. The 9Solutions' indoor tracking system based on TI's Bluetooth 4.0 system-on-chip is an excellent example of how companies are using Bluetooth technology to bring innovative solutions to market through the Bluetooth SIG.