Monday, January 9, 2012

CES 2012 - Google Brings Indoor Maps and Navigation to the Show

CES convention center is huge and it's hard to find your way around. Google has brought indoor maps and location to the CES Show. Detailed floor plans automatically appear when you're viewing the map and zoomed in on a building where indoor map data is available. The location "blue dot" icon indicates your position within several meters, and when you move up or down a level in a building with multiple floors, the interface will automatically update to display which floor you're on.

But that's not all! The new indoor maps for CES even feature booth-to-booth navigation to help you find your way around. Now that's the "WOW factor".

Given the frequent dearth of wireless connectivity inside most of Vegas' locales, the entire showroom floor has be en indexed, and you can even cache the area for offline use. This is a nice way for Google to show you all you need is an Android device with Google Maps v.6 and you should be good to go!

Want to compete with Google? There are other vendors showcasing their own indoor map solution at CES. Contact me at for details.