Sunday, July 17, 2011

IndoorLBS presenting at the Indoor Location Symposium

STA Symposium 2011 North America, September 13, 2011 - September 14, 2011

The evolution of technologies enabling Indoor Location as well as the high dynamics of smart phone evolution with their new in-built miniaturize technologies, are creating an opportunity for In Door LBS specifically driving Asset & People tracking, Security and Marketing & Advertisement applications. This conference brings for discussion all aspects relating to indoor location including enabling technologies, infrastructure, application platforms, application for asset & people tracking, Security and Advertisement.

This symposium explores the various aspects of Indoor Location such as alternative technologies, infrastructure, and application platforms including applications for asset & people tracking, security and advertising. The complete ecosystem will be represented both as attendees and speakers in the symposium: operators, vendors, enterprises & retailers, channels and advertising & security agencies.

The maturing of technologies enabling Indoor Location Based Services as well as the evolution of smartphones with features supporting navigation and location identification (e.g. compass, GPS, etc), are creating a renewed interest and opportunities for Indoor Location Based Service (LBS). Driving the trend are asset and people tracking technologies along with security and marketing platforms enabling the birth of hundreds of new applications.

This symposium will present the views of key industry customers, security experts and advertising agencies, service providers, analysts, channels and vendors in order to share information and discuss in detail the related topics. Also participating in this conference will be independent industry experts presenting market data on some of the most important issues. This event will also include a session for investors presenting their views on this evolving market.