Thursday, October 8, 2009

M-Taiwan Pavilion Exhibitor’s News-InfoExplorer unveils the world's premier indoor navigation system

iYoYo is making a slash in the Broadband Taiwan 2009

InfoExplorer, born of the joint efforts of Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) and Institute for Information Industry (III), illustrates its WiMAX highlight "Broadband LBS application services" - sponsored by Taiwan Industrial Development Bureau- in M-Taiwan Pavilion held in Broadband Taiwan 2009 Forum, from 26 to 28 October. This iyoyo service is ready to go out of box with a breakthrough technology that couples Location-Based Service with indoor localization system. This revolutionary application overcomes the frustration of inaccessible indoor GPS signals, and leverages end users with lively navigation service from indoor to outdoor, at anytime, anywhere.

The kickoff of iyoyo platform is equipped with 4.8-inch MID (Mobile Internet Device). It truly is a one-size-fits-all device that extends the robust features of PDA, navigation system, portable computer and device with additional integrations – indoor/outdoor navigation, POI information, geographic coordinates, wireless internet connection, vehicle/pedestrian navigation. More surprisingly, 3D pedestrian view provides suitable camera angle as well as instant information display for better navigation experience. This pocket-sized appliance has what it takes to boost commercial activities and upscale city travel navigation.

Being in the spotlight of the exhibition, iyoyo demonstrates a 3D panoramic view of M-Taiwan Pavilion. Moreover, the hand-held device is specifically designed for visitors and foreign buyers from missing out fascinating shows along the visiting route.

InfoExplorer is expected to top Asia-Pacific region with over 1,000,000 users in the next few years. "Broadband LBS application services" will surely draw the attention of potential domestic and global buyers in the telecommunication sector.