Sunday, January 26, 2014

iBeacons Solution Providers Industry Matrix

IndoorLBS has researched iBeacons solution providers and summarized the findings in its latest iBeacons Market Report (click here to access the report).

The iBeacons Market Report features over 50 companies which manufacture iBeacons and or provide fully commercial proximity & micro location platforms for retail consumer engagement, enterprise asset monitoring, etc. The iBeacon vendor providers are summarized in a matrix per the following criteria:
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) -  BLE is used for proximity detection
  • WiFi - The beacon modules leverage WiFi, in addition to BLE, for location positioning & tracking. There are several benefits to this as described in the report.  In some cases, WiFi is only used for data exchange and communication for tasks such as beacon configuration or mobile payments. 
  • Power Source - beacons can either be self powered on battery (we are seeing 2 months to 5 years of battery power) or, via a power source such as USB or power socket.  Advantages of the latter include no need to replace beacons.
  • Deployments & Trials - examples of Retailers, Hotels, Malls and other venues are included. 
  • Cost - the business & pricing models for the beacon providers are outlined, which include either price per beacon unit, free beacons with a reaccuring platform service fee, or a hybrid of these two.   
To access the complete matrix and report, see here.