Sunday, December 8, 2013

iBeacons now live at Amercian Eagle, Apple, and Macy's Retail Stores

So! Just as our expert LinkedIn Group predicted, iBeacons are "really happening" and are not "a hype." And this predication was made before American Eagle, Apple, Macy's launched their iBeacon-compatible apps recenlty. But the real winner is American Eagle, they were the first to go to market with iBeacons, even before Apple.

To be specific, American Eagle launched it's iBeacon-compatible app on Dec 3rd. Macy's did it on Dec 5th (note: iBeacons only work in its Herald Sq location), and Apple on Dec 7th (Note about Apple Store app - Apple says that it upgraded its app on Nov 8th, however, Apple only "turned on" the iBeacons on Dec 7th and that's when the Apple Store app started to have iBeacon functionality.) Read more in our report.