Saturday, October 22, 2011

IndoorLBS to speak at Navteq's Silicon Valley LBS Developer Day: Focus on the Indoor

Tristian Lacroix of IndoorLBS will kick off the Oct 27 event and get everyone excited about the the great indoors – the new frontier in mapping and navigation. Tristian will provide insights into the growth and the opportunity for programs such as advertising, affinity, asset and inventory management, and loyalty inside malls, retail stores, and airports.

Plug and Play Tech CenterSony EricssonSprint
This event will be filled with informative panels, speakers, and demos from leaders such as Cisco, Qualcomm, NAVTEQ, Sprint, Sony Ericsson, ESRI, and others. Learn about this growing opportunity as consumers and businesses embrace a holistic experience to navigate and explore interior spaces.

See the presentation here: