Friday, October 21, 2011

Ericsson Indoor Maps and Positioning Platform

Ericsson Labs' Indoor Maps and Positioning platform gives developers tools to create their own indoor maps and enable their own positioning.

The complete system incudes:
· Map Studio
· Android Map API
· Android Wi-Fi Positioning APIWith the Map Studio, you can createand design your own Indoor Maps

The MapStudio enables you to create and design your own indoor maps and with the Android
Map API, you can integrate those maps in your own application. You canalso let your application users position themselves via Wi-Fi using the IndoorPositioning API, great for helping to guide people in busy airports, university campuses or large conference centers. The tools to create Indoor Maps include the Map Editor; you can draw your Map, and with the Style Editor, you cancreate design templates for your Maps. These Maps and Styles are then stored asXML-files on our server.Using the Android Map API, you can integrate the Maps intoyour Android application. The Map API gives you functions for rendering,interacting with and managing the Map.

With the Indoor
Positioning API, you can provide yourapplication users with Wi-Fi positioning. You download the Wi-Fi Mapping Clientand with that, you upload the information and the position of your Wi-Fi accesspoints. Then, when you want to position a user, the application will scan the surrounding Wi-Fi access points and send all of that data to Ericsson Labsservice via the API and it will get a Indoor Position back.