Saturday, June 25, 2011

ZuluTime Location Aware Network

ZuluTime is innovating and evolving position, navigation and timing (PNT) technologies for wireless networks. The company's architecture enables wireless networks to become "location aware" through normal communications traffic that occurs on those networks. Simply by their involvement in a wireless network, smartphones and other networked devices are located and positioned in interior spaces with far greater accuracy, even in distortion-rich environments where GPS signals cannot penetrate. ZuluTime technology greatly expands opportunities for location-based services in retail, social networks and industrial applications without embedded technology, special rule sets or synchronization.
ZuluTime delivers cost-effective in-store location solutions, enabling retailers to strengthen customer loyalty and increase sales by engaging shoppers based on their specific location inside the store. Now, true 1-to-1 in-store marketing and shopper insights are achievable through delivery of highly relevant product information and promotions directly to the shopper's smartphone at the point of purchase decision.