Sunday, November 14, 2010

Market Report (v4) on the Indoor LBS Industry - $495.00

NEW version 4 of the report now available.
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The new report version has 90+ pages and covers:
* 70+ companies and apps
* Indoor Mapping Technologies
* Indoor Location Technologies
* Business Models for indoor Map/Location/App Providers

Since 2003, has been monitoring and evaluating the Location-Based Services industry, specifically the convergence of location technologies like WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID, and sensor technologies like accelerometers and gyroscopes as alternative or complimentary positioning technologies to GPS. For example, 75% of iPhone devices use WiFi geolocation and not GPS to locate the device. In 2006, produced the highly anticipated and groundbreaking book on indoor LBS, Local Positioning Systems: LBS Applications and Services.

As a result of hyper activity in the indoor LBS industry, there has been a flurry of next generation market activity, i.e. mobile marketing and retail inside malls (i.e. coupons, shopping tips), location "check-ins", new E911 measures, public safety, emergency response, augmented reality, social networking, airport navigation, mall navigation, etc. The purpose of this report is to outline all the existing players and assess the emerging indoor location/tracking/navigation/maps/apps (indoor LBS) market ecosystem. This report was done by combing direct market research, interviews, surveys, and study of the content presented.