Wednesday, February 24, 2010

QderoPateo's Blu-Pons indoor LBS advertising

QderoPateo's Blu-Pons Offer Advertisers an Engaging Way to Connect With Consumers on Mobile Devices

QderoPateo, the innovators of the highly buzzed Articulated Naturality, that meshes the physical and digital worlds, today announce the launch of Blu-Pons™, a proprietary Bluetooth content delivery system media pioneered by QderoPateo. Today the company announced the launch of their exclusive Bluetooth advertising network at the Independence Mall in Wilmington, NC. Blu-Pons™ — short for Bluetooth coupons — offer advertisers in and around the mall a cost-effective way to reach consumers directly on their mobile phones every day. Blu-Pons are a new twist to traditional Bluetooth proximity marketing that provide "welcome interruptions" to engage consumers’ sense of discovery and provide savings opportunities at specific visible zones throughout the mall.

Blu-Pons are FREE and fun for the consumer, and an attractive and easy way for retail stores and brand marketers to reach consumers with valuable offers. To participate in Blu-Pons, consumers simply enter the zone; follow the visible instructions to set their device’s Bluetooth visibility “ON” and “DISCOVERABLE” in the settings menu. The consumer’s device is immediately detected and the user receives a permission request to receive a Blu-Pon. Upon acceptance, the discount coupon is downloaded and stored on the customer’s phone where it can be presented and redeemed at the participating retailer at the time of purchase. Consumers collecting Blu-Pons in later this year will have the ability to redeem “Blu-Bucks” at participating retailers, a great retention tool to keep customers coming back for more.

Blu-Pons are all about location and relevance to the consumer’s surroundings. “Having branded zones is a key element to ensure that consumers are aware of Blu-Pons availability,” said Matt Gaines, co-founder of QderoPateo. “This is a fun, informative and very green form of advertising that’s also cost-effective for advertisers.”

QderoPateo's Wilmington, NC office will soon launch an online advertising portal at that will enable advertisers to purchase and manage Blu-Pon campaigns online, with complete reporting that can even be emailed directly to the campaign manager for easy ROI measurement.

The mall also intends to utilize the network to offer shoppers up-to-date information about events and consumer-focused experiences happening throughout the year at the mall.