Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fourth Generation Mobile Forum (4GMF) - 4G Mobile Innovations Live @ CES

CES Panel: Location-based 4G Mobile Services and Multimedia Applications

Abstract: Location based service (LBS) is one of the most important services for 4G mobile users which cover Map, TV program, Web browsing, Information search, Safety and security and Personal life. The industry leaders will debate key issues for this emerging business and share the solutions for building the team and developing the business.

  • Kris Kolodziej, CTO & VP Business Development, Spime Inc
  • Chris Butler, Content Platform Evangelist, Dash Navigation
  • Cormac Conroy, VP, Location Base Services, Qualcomm
  • Marwan Jabri, CTO, Dillithium
  • Bradford D. Duea, President, Napster
  • Dave Reid, Director, Business Development, SiRF Technology
  • Martin Feuerstein, CTO, Polaris Wireless
  • Todd Young, VP Marketing, Rosum Corporation