Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Sensor Web II – Indoor LBS

Session: The Sensor Web II – Indoor LBS, Location Intelligence Conference
Moderator: Kris Kolodziej

This session explores the possible approaches and technologies to location problems including people and asset tracking, mobile resource management, public safety and handset location-based service. It examines several indoor positioning systems, providing detailed case studies of existing applications and their requirements.

The Ins and Outs of Local (Indoor) Positioning Systems (Presentation here)
Kris Kolodziej, Principal, MapXperts

This presentation discusses local (indoor) LBS, and explores the possible approaches and technologies for indoor/local LBS. Kolodziej will discuss material from his book, including Indoor LBS Applications using several local positioning systems, providing detailed case studies of existing applications and their requirements. Topics cover the infrastructure components, indoor position computation, indoor maps, geo-referenced data, location models and deployment issues.

Active RFID and Wi-Fi: Integrating Location Technology into Standard Networks
Joshua Slobin, Director of Marketing, AeroScout, Inc.

Real-time location of assets is one of the highly regarded benefits of RFID, but many have balked at the price (and questionable ROI) of using standard RFID systems to achieve it. There is another solution, and leading organizations have embraced it: by combining Active RFID systems with existing Wi-Fi wireless networks, they can reach the same goals at a lower cost.

TV-Positioning for Mobile Applications
Matthew Rabinowitz, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, Rosum Corporation

While GPS is the predominant technology used in LBS and tracking systems, it is unreliable indoors and in dense urban environments. Rosum has developed a reliable location technology based on unmodified broadcast TV signals. TV broadcasts are high-power, wide-bandwidth signals that penetrate buildings. Rosum leverages the global broadcast TV infrastructure to provide accurate location information even in environments where no satellite-based positioning signal can be received. Rosum TV-positioning enables a myriad of indoor applications including people tracking, asset tracking, VoIP-911 caller location identification, and other location-based services. Mobile TV will serve as a readymade platform for Rosum TV-positioning

Seamless Outdoor/Indoor Navigation for Blind and Visually Impaired Individuals
Charles LaPierre, Senior Software Engineer, Benetech and Chief Technical Officer, Sendero Group

Coin-sized Radios Which Enable Location-aware Networking Technology, Allowing Every Day Objects to Have Location Awareness
Vincent Coli, Vice President, ?ther Wire & Location, Inc.

There are many commercial and military applications that require knowledge of precise location. Applications vary widely, and include finding children, lost pets and luggage, tracking search-and-rescue personnel or fire fighters, locating inventory in large warehouses or cargo containers, rescuing military personnel in hostile territory, etc. We have developed integrated ultra-wideband transceivers, called Localizers, for precise position location and low data rate communication.