Monday, December 15, 2003

MIT Graduate Thesis - OpenLS for Indoor LBS: Strategies for Standardizing Location Based Services for Indoor Use

This MIT graduate thesis was inspired by the movie, Minority Report (i.e., Tom Cruise walking inside the mall and is targeted with "relevant" adverting. Or mechanical spider robots navigating inside buildings.)

Author, Publisher: Krzysztof (Kris) Kolodziej, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The aim of this thesis is to explore the extent to which open interoperability standards can have an impact on the infrastructure needed for developing indoor LBS and on the types of applications that are likely to emerge. In particular, the thesis explores location standards dealing with the application, data, and presentation layers of the Internet stack, as well as location standards from the wireless network viewpoint. Standardization can be a significant success or failure factor for any new technology, and indoor location services are no exception. This is especially true given that the overall LBS value-chain is a heterogeneous technical and business environment.